AD: Slavisa Savic

CW: Slavisa SAvic

Client: Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade

Year: 2009

Salon of Architecture

New media campaign

Every year, traditionaly Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade organise exhibition of the best architectural projects of that year in Serbia. The museum actually has a problem of its location, it is in the city center, but everyone bypassed. The main pedestrian zone - Knez Mihailova is very close and it was necessary to draw the attention of passersby and direct them. For this purpose, I made stickers on the sidewalk to the museum, which is zigzagging emulated folding rule. In addition to the 80m long labels on the sidewalk, there was a billboard of the Museum -TOTEM, which I overlaid yellow branded box. In those days, during the salon next to the totem there was a reconstruction of the street. Spades, shovels, sand ..., all of this was an arrangement that is united, picture says it all. Incredible.
Although it was not the task, I made the slogan of the exhibition "Architecture in progress." It grew out of a desire to mark the building strip, such as "work in progress". "Progress" in Serbian also means "trendy".